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Frequently Asked Questions


What is UpSellerate?

UpSellerate is an advanced system for new client prospecting. It combines "smart barcode" direct mail, USPS Informed Delivery, Facebook social media advertising, Google search advertising and telephone response with tracking. UpSellerate creates a highly-targeted, highly-coordinated prospecting solution that puts your key message(s) in front of the same prospect across all these domains. The prospect is introduced to your message(s) in his or her Facebook news feeds. Using "smart" direct mail, the  prospect subsequently receives your identical message in a custom mailer. In addition, the prospect sees your same message while searching with Google. Prospects are driven to a personalized landing page that UpSellerate provides. In addition, a telephone response system tracks all calls stimulated by your ads. Finally, the entire prospecting campaign is launched and monitored from a desktop console.


Do I have to be a licensee of The Income for Life Model to join UpSellerate?

No. UpSellerate membership is still  available to you, however, the annual membership fee is higher if you are not an Income for Life Model licensee.

What is the cost to become a member?

For licensees of the current version of The income for Life Model, the annual cost of $1,000, with a one-year minimum. For individuals who do not license The Income for Life Model, the annual cost is $2,500, with a one-year minimum.

Does Wealth2k up-charge for UpSellerate marketing services?


No. We decided not to up-charge the costs you pay for mailing/advertising. You simply pay the per prospect cost of marketing your message.

What does Wealth2k provide me in return for my membership fee?


In addition to providing you exclusive access to UpSellerate, Wealth2k's role is to custom design your mailing piece plus design the image ad or video ad that will be used in your Facebook and Google search advertising.

Can I use video?

Yes. We strongly recommend a video ad for Facebook. As part of your subscription,  Wealth2k will design your video. In addition, if you are a licensee of The Income for Life Model, you have access to a number of additional videos as part of your license. For additional cost, beyond one custom video ad, Wealth2k will design a another video targeting any market you wish to pursue.

Is retirement income the only area of planning I can market with UpSellerate?

No. UpSellerate  members may target any markets they wish to pursue. For example, college planning, financial planning, Medicare planning, Social Security planning, business and personal life insurance, annuities, retirement plans, asset allocation services, etc. Use UpSellerate to target prospects in the markets that appeal to you. Wealth2k has created several UpSellerate Campaigns which can be viewed under the Campaigns tab.

What about compliance approval of my advertising?

It is your responsibility to secure approval for any advertising you may engage in with UpSellerate. Licensees of The Income for Life Model have access to certain content that is Finra reviewed. All advertising content must be submitted in accordance with your firm's compliance approval procedures.

Who should I call if I have additional questions?

Call the Wealth2k sales department at 1-800-200-9404, #1.

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