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Attract Ideal New Clients

The Prospecting Solution that Does EVERYTHING For You!
Members pay one low cost as low as $0.64 per prospect.

Turnkey Prospecting

Incredible Value


Most financial advisors recognize that they need to improve their marketing. However, they may not have the marketing expertise required, or the time to actually do it. UpSellerate upends the current paradigm.

It does EVERYTHING for you!

A joint venture of Wealth2k, Inc. and Wilson Print Marketing USA, UpSellerate is a turnkey subscription prospecting service covering all markets. It creates marketing campaigns that seamlessly blend exclusive digital video content, "smart barcode" direct mail, Google search advertising, Facebook social media marketing, behavioral retargeting, personalized landing page and telephone response with tracking. UpSellerate makes the advisor's job as easy as possible. After paying the campaign fee, everything is done for you.  Advisors monitor campaign results at their personal dashboard.

Why is UpSellerate™ Needed?


Today's prospects are harder to reach. They are fragmented. They request and receive information in multiple ways. To attract ideal prospects, financial advisors need a highly-targeted and highly-coordinated approach to prospecting.

Example 90-Day Campaign

A personalized landing page harvests responses from prospects.
Leads are captured from prospects that call your
exclusive telephone response number. You monitor it all from your personal dashboard.

Day 1 thru Day 42


​Your custom Facebook video ad appears in prospects' news feeds.

Days 8, 32 and 60


Prospects receive a "smart barcode" postcard with a message that matches your Facebook ad.

Day 49 thru Day 90


​​Prospects see your same message when searching with Google.

Call Tracking.jpg

How UpSellerate™ Works

The UpSellerate  process begins with a planning session during which your marketing video and postcard message will be decided upon. Wealth2k will then customize your deliverables. You will be connected to Wilson Print Marketing USA. You then decide upon the number of mailing pieces and duration of your campaign.

  • Exclusive, first ever capabilities to help you grow your practice.

  • Prospecting power with real-time dashboard control.

  • Target your ideal market. Attract more assets.

  • 7 marketing elements, seamlessly integrated by UpSellerate



Find your "Just Right" Prospect

Using highly targeted mailing lists matched to social media profiles, and USPS "smart barcode" mailing, UpSellerate knows exactly when the "ideal" prospect receives your mailing. This enables precise coordination with Facebook marketing and Google search advertising, supported by telephone response with tracking.


Join UpSellerate™

Become a member.

Then pay only for actual mailing/printing/ad costs.

Access to UpSellerate is reserved for MEMBERS ONLY. Once a member, you pay only for printing/mailing/ad costs.

There is no up-charge by Wealth2k. To become a member you must meet one of these two criteria:

  1. Be a licensee of The Income for Life Model, then pay the discounted annual UpSellerate membership fee of  $1,000/yr. You can license The Income for Life Model at a discount of 20%. Visit

  2. Pay the $2,500 annual membership fee that applies to individuals with no IFLM license. The minimum term for both options is one year.

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